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About Mommas Cleaning Crew
Founded in 2011 we are a new type of cleaning company.  Family owned and operated,and by that we mean we are a Husband/Wife Team who currently do all of the work ourselves.  We also add a 3rd person our Son, when it's a bigger job and he isn't working at his Full-Time job. 

  We're here to make sure you smile when you walk into your home and are proud to invite people in when they knock on your door.

To top all that off we LOVE animals of all breeds and species, AND kids of any of age.  We have experience on doing our jobs with everyday life of your family going on around us. 

Mommas Cleaning Crew is located in Oklahoma City.  Since opening in March of 2011,  we’ve treated every customer like they were a part of our family. Other companies may offer similar services, but our services come with a personal touch and we offer more in a general cleaning than most companies do in a deep clean.  

We don't do the per hour basis instead we do it by the job.  So you can rest assured you aren't paying us to talk on our phones,sit on our behinds and eat bonbons all day.

As you will see on our services page we don't hide our prices.  All Prices listed are guaranteed, we don't add on extra charges, unless of course you request extra services.  Call,text or email us to set up your free quote. We take on special requests.

 General cleaning averages 1 1/2 hours per visit and a deep cleaning averages 3 hours per visit.  We do not leave until our checklist is completed regardless of the time  length it takes. 


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About the Owners 
Momma's Cleaning Crew is Owned and Operated by Melissa Smith &
Michael Smith, We are a husband/wife team. We started cleaning after Melissa's Father-in-Law Bobby complimented her after she cleaned his house when he had a major stroke. Michael's Father was a retired Marine and this compliment gave Melissa the confidence she needed to start out on her own, with first her Son as her partner and later on her husband when their Son moved on to another Full-Time job.  After 1 Year of Operations we were Officially Licensed by the state.  

Here we are almost 6 years later growing by the day!!

There's a reason our clients are loyal to us. We must be doing something right. After all, We are still servicing some of our very first clients!

They entrust us with their homes, their children and their pets, we take that seriously. We understand what a statement this makes.  We pet sit & house sit as well for some of our clients, so if you have a special request, feel free to ask. 

Happily married for 15+ years we understand the importance of family values and a clean home. We look forward to showing you what a difference we can make! 
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