Mommas Cleaning Crew 

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Momma's Cleaning Crew 

Actual text messages or notes left from clients after we've cleaned. 
You have changed our quality  of life and improved our relationship ~Roby-Okc 

Our animals just love you guys, Thanks so much, the house looks great!~Becka-Okc

Thank you guys so much, the house looks amazing. ~ Amanda-Choctaw
The house looks awesome, Thanks for bringing those packages in, See you next week! ~Barret Downtown,Okc   

The house looks awesome! See y'all in 2 weeks! ~Carol-SW OKC-Our second client we scheduled way back when. 
You always do such an awesome job!  Angie's List Survey is mailed off! My bathroom looks great! ~Sara-Edmond 

Girl You worked some magic on my carpet! ~Courtney-Edmond

House looks great as always, Thanks for letting Max out and washing the muddy rugs! See you guys in 2 weeks! ~Mike-Yukon-The third client we scheduled, way back when.

The only cleaning company we have ever called back! ~Allison-Okc-Our first client we scheduled, way back when.