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General Cleaning Package Price List
All prices are an estimate, any differences will be agreed upon before service begins.
State Licensed. 

Our General Cleaning rivals the competitors so called deep cleans, therefor your first cleaning regardless of type will take extra time and detail.  

Make-Ready prices vary please call for your FREE estimate. Prices vary depending on size, and condition of property.

We DO travel to out of the way places that other companies will not. We service anywhere up to 20 miles away from our office located @ N.W. 39th and Penn in Oklahoma City. We purchased an SUV specifically for servicing rural clients.  We always offer FREE estimates, and if you are not in our area, we look for a reputable company to refer you to. 

We enjoy servicing  out of the way areas because we know we are making a difference by providing a service for you that no one else will.

Package Prices listed include all services rather you choose to use them or not, there is no discount for unused services, but we do allow substitutions in some cases. Please mention any advertised specials when booking or inquiring about prices.  

**Please realize traffic is different all of the time, if we are going to be more than 15 minutes late for our appointment, we notify you immediately. 

Most of our new customers come from client based recommendations to their friends. 

If you prefer us to use your products you must let us know before your cleaning begins, Otherwise you will be charged extra. 

We do service larger homes than listed, please contact us for your free estimate. 
Square Footage         Weekly Cleaning         Bi-Weekly Cleaning      First,monthly, or                                                                                                                            one time

951-1850                       $70                                 $80                                      $100

1851-2500                     $80                                 $90                                      $120

2501-3200                     $100                               $120                                    $140

3201-3900                     $120                               $130                                    $170

3901-4500                     $140                               $160                                    $200 
Square Footage          Loyal Client          One or First Time Residential Only

                                                                    (Does NOT include move-in/out's)

951-1850                        $130                                        $150

1851-2500                      $140                                        $160

2501-3200                      $150                                        $180

3201-3900                      $180                                        $200

3901-4500                      $190                                        $240

Deep Cleaning Package  Price List
 Add-on services:

 Extra Rooms Steam  Cleaned
 $20 Each

 We use a professional Rug  Doctor Brand Machine. 

 (Prices are based on an  average 15X15 Room,  please  contact us for your  free  estimate for larger  areas.)

 Windows Inside & Out. 1st  floor only. We are not yet  equipped to do 2nd story  outside windows. 

 We apologize for the  inconvenience. 

 Price varies please contact  us for your free estimate. 


 Wall washing $30/hour  minimum of 3 hours  charged. 

 Fridge cleaned out and  wiped down. $10 
Please mention any 
advertised specials when booking or inquiring about prices.